TymeMachine STEM Program

STEM Development

Begin your voyage to future of innovation! The journey is very adventurous and full of excitement. There are lots to learn and do. If your mind is focussed let’s begin this wonderful journey towards the next generation of technology wonders.


Summer Camp is an exciting and fun five day workshop from 9 am to 4pm. Kids will get to learn about multiple technology and work on hands on projects. Summer 2017 will be the foundation of their school course where they will gain advantage over other kids.

STEM Workshop

It's an exciting way to get kids engaged and excited with creative learning and team building work with their friends. We offer year round workshops offered on Robotics, Game Development, Programming.

Year Round STEM Program

TymeMachine brings the latest technologies to your kids and let them be involved with hands on experiments and building. We help them write programs, build robots and create games.

TymeMachine offering year round Technology, Math and Science classes for 1st to 8th grade students and also homeschoolers at its new location at 14137 Clayton Road, Town and Country, MO 63017. Class starts September 18, 2017.

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STEM Foundation

Learn the fundamentals of STEM using Robotics, Gaming and Programming


Robotics for kids are a great way to introduce children to simple robotics engineering concepts.

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Game Devlopment

Simple ways to get started creating games and animations and even games for XBox.             

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Understanding of different languages makes a better programmer.                                                                         

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Innovation For Future

Be creative with your foundational knowledge to innovate for future

Cyber Security

Security is the prime concern in today's connected era. There can never be a...                    

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Learn what physical traits and behavioral traits of yours can help others identify who you are...

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Machine Learning

ML algorithms are an evolution over normal algorithms. They make your programs "smarter",

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Create Wonders

When creativity meets with technology innovation it creates wonders.

Aviation Technology

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3D Printing

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Smart City

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What's our vision?

Her vision is to introduce advanced techniques early into the mind of the kids and lay the foundation of all latest and greatest technologies such as Robotics, Cyber securities, Biometrics, 3D printing so that the kids can creatively think of better and cooler solutions and gain competitive advantage of tomorrow,

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