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We have several categories or channels for blogging.
  1. Instuctions:
    Here we are looking to capture the "How to" create a project with step by step instructions with photos/pictures, focussed on Technology and Engineering topics. It could be something like build a robot with raspberry pi or create simple projects using card boards, wooden blocks or simple steps for home automation.
  2. Education:
    Here we are trying to raise STEM awareness within adults. This should require lots of research and developments about STEM around the country. It could include topics like International STEM ranking of US or Specific stories about STEM efforts being undertaken by local groups/community or Job market in the field of Technology, Specific STEM skills needed in the corporate world etc.
  3. STEM Superstar:
    Here we are looking to promote kids/youth who are passionate and excelling in STEM. This will require interviewing the specific candidates and writing story about their background, ambition, how did their liking or STEM grew and how do they think STEM can impact their future.
  4. Tech Toys:
    Here we are capturing about the latest technology and trends including new wearable,gadgets etc. This will include market research about the products or the usability of those or writing about how those tools and technology can impact our day to day personal and work life.
  5. Business:
    This is where we will highlight different technology companies , start-ups or companies that are using Technology to change their direction. This can also include discussion about long term business strategy of small/large organizations and technology or digital platform in their roadmap, or interviews of CIO etc.
  6. Tech Talk:
    This category includes articles about different technology streams. The broad categorization is Programming, Game Development, Robotics, Cyber Security, Aviation Technology, Smart Cities, Machine Learning, Bio-Metrics, 3D Printing.

If you are interested in writing under any of these channels please send your story to Please include the channel you are submitting the article for.

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