TymeMachine Inspiration

Let me attempt to take you through a journey of creation of TymeMachine.

Many people have asked me where the name TymeMachine comes from. I have been thinking about creating a technology platform and community for kids for a long time. I have been involved with Programming, development and Technology most of my life.

I am a mother of two wonderful kids – Arjav (my 8 year old son) Ashna (my 4 year old daughter). As a mother I see how they are growing up and how their growth and learning are so different from mine – they are the centennials of today. They are more into computers and iPad. They can easily navigate any devices and gadgets with ease unlike people in my generation.

I introduced my son to Scratch programming when he was 5, and since then he never looked back. With little guidance he was able to construct the block programming with ease. It’s just not my son, I see other kids in my son’s school and they all are equally talented and have the ability to create wonders with little guidance.

When I think of the kids with this tremendous capability I felt they need a platform to nurture their creativity and work as a team of smart kids to create something we haven’t thought about. I saw a community of vibrant kids working together to create something meaningful, innovating on something that doesn’t exist today. Something that is very mysterious today. Something the kids always wondered about. Something they always wanted to build.

So I asked Arjav what is that thing that you want to build that intrigues you so much. And he said “Time Machine”. And that’s where the TymeMachine started from – with replacement of “I” with “y”.