Engineering Track

Engineers are problem-solvers and creative thinkers at heart. Our engineering track leads students through a variety of hands-on challenges in robotics, electronics and programming. The engineering courses offered in this track address the fundamentals of circuits, sensors, motors, engineering design and much more. The result is that our students develop a solid foundation in engineering skills through project-based learning.

Computer Programming Track

Many students come to us having learned ‘visual programming’ with applications like MIT’s Scratch. While this is a fun introduction to the concepts behind coding, true ‘programming’ requires text-based coding in a mainstream language. Our students progress to intermediate and advanced levels with JavaScript, Python, Web Programming, Java and SQl Programming. Students are ultimately challenged to solve more difficult problems so they can apply their knowledge in practical projects that put their coding skills to the test.

Game Design Track

If your child enjoys expressing his or her creativity, this is the right track for them. Nearly every student we meet wants to be a video game designer, yet few realize that this takes a complex blend of creative design and computer programming skills. Our students have the option to choose a between a traditional digital media track or a game design. While digital media students concentrate on photo editing, video editing, 3D modeling and web design, our Game Design students focus on 3D Animation with Blender, Unity 3D, plus they are encouraged to take some courses to bring their hard work to life.