• $ 240

    Roblox Game Design (2018 Summer)

    Roblox is a great platform for budding game designers. Scripting is what actually makes blocks in ROBLOX do things. In short: scripting is what makes ROBLOX come to life and make places fun. Students must have completed third grade to attend. Make it a full-day camp by adding another Lodge half-day camp and Lunch Bunch! Due to additional camp forms required for your child’s safety, registration will only be taken online at www.TheLodgeDesPeres.com. Registration deadline is June 12. Minimum 5/Maximum 12

    Location: Des Peres Lodge

    Jun 18 - Jun 22

  • $ 200

    AM: Game Development with Scratch (2018 Summer)

    Students will create games while learning programming concepts with Scratch. Students need to have prior Basic understanding of Scratch for joining this course. With this drag-and-drop platform developed by MIT, they'll play with sprites and blocks to set a foundation of computational thinking. They will be exposed to many math and programming concepts. Registration deadline is August 1 Minimum 5/Maximum 12

    Location: Town and Country

    Aug 13 - Aug 17