Students interested to join the course need to be motivated,dedicated and recommended by someone from school or family. We admit only 12 students per grade. Therefore only the students who have the right aptitude and enthusiasm to learn are a good fit. If your kid is the right candidate please email the recommendation letter to by August 12,2018. The course begins the week of September 3rd,2018.

  • $ 139 /mo

    High School Program (2018-2019)

    This is a Year around program for High School students where they will be Introduced to object oriented programming and introduction to objects and classes,they will learn about Exception handling, creating custom types they will be able to optimally solve complex problems including search and sorting algorithm.This will be followed by students doing three projects in the Fall.In Winter they will be learning about database concepts using SQL.They will also be introduced to Data Science.In Spring they will learn about entrepreneurship and they will work on building product that they will sell and the year will culminate with a big celebration event. We need minimum 6 students to hold this program

    Location: Town and Country

    Sep 13 - May 09

    Duration: 1:15

    Available day:Thu